House Kassigarh

House Kassigarh exists wherever coins are exchanged, and taxes and tariffs demanded by the Sorcerer Kings; in essence, in every corner of civilization. On the ground level, they operate as money-lenders to Commoners, currency exchange, and sometimes, black-market dealers for fenced, stolen goods. On the upper-crust of society, they broker deals between Templarates and other Merchant Houses, lend massive quantities of money as fixed interest rates, and help ‘cook the books’ for Merchant Houses seeking to evade paying every ’sid to the Templars. They have their fingers in every pot, and those known to displease a Kassigarh often are never heard from again. They simply disappear, or show up with their throat slit and tongue removed.

Also considered a Noble House in the city of Balic, they were granted the title nearly two hundred years ago, the first Merchant House to ascend to such a status. Valentus quickly followed a few years later, leading to much rivalry between the two Houses, though Valentus still holds the spot as the premier House in Balic (mostly due to their control of water distribution).

Current House Head:
Sayid Kassigarh. Aged twenty-five. Killed his own father to ascend to the High Kassigarh position he holds.

Current Senators in Balic:
Senator Hexice, lead financier and taxation advisor to Androphonis
Senator S’anra, expert on currency, economy, and head of the Balician Branch

Current Head Merchants
High Kassigarh Narint, head of the Monopoly Division (Believes in all trade funneling through big business and Merchant Houses. Head Diplomat between other Merchant Houses.)
High Kassigarh Felysia, head of the Resource Division (Segments labor forces for resource scouting and collection, new mining operations, and all the defenses/offenses that go with that)
High Kassigarh Deletham, head of Money Lending (Approves all major money lending deals, and divides up raw cash to lower downs to distribute to the Common Folk)

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House Kassigarh

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