House Valentus

House Valentus is the premier Noble House in the City State of Balic, though they peddle goods as a Merchant House throughout the rest of the Known World. They specialize in luxury goods; silk clothing, pillows, divans, torches, lamps, lanterns, doors, door frames, buildings, and above all else, water distribution in Balic. Their vote carries the most weight in Senate meetings, and few Houses are bold enough to cross a Valentus openly.

Current House Head:
Mirial Valentus, Matron of House Valentus. Age fifty. Mother of Sestus Valentus.

Current Senators:
Sestus Valentus, currently exiled from Balic for reasons unknown.
Khoal Valentus, younger brother of Sestus Valentus, focused on irrigation and farming techniques.
Falina Valentus, younger sister of Sestus Valentus, focused on taxes and finances for the House.

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House Valentus

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